Sri Lanka Assocoation of Saskatoon Inc. (SLAS)

Welcome to the pearl of Indian Ocean- Ayubovan, Vanakkam, or As-salamu alaykum in Sri Lankan style- land of 20 million people, boasting a rich heritage and warm hospitality descending from the multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual roots. Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon in the past; the great explorer Marco polo escribed the island as “for its size, better circumstanced than any island in the world”. This small tropical island of the northern hemisphere situated in the tip of India is laced with endless sandy beaches, teeming with rich faunal and floral resources that mingle with cascading waterfalls, rolling landscapes and clouds touching mountain ranges, and is the house of several UNESCO world heritage sites. Present day Sri Lankan culture resonates sevral cultural influences inherited from global trade activities due to its strategic geographical locations in ancient sea routes and also nearly 500 years of occupation by three European nations that ended with imprints of British colonialism. All that have enriched the authentic nature of Sri Lankan people, there warm hospitality, food, music, dance, beliefs and the cultural spectrum as whole. Enriched with tropical biodiversity and natural beauty, Sri lanka is favoured destination for people looking for a unique and diverse culture, religious, ecological, gastronomical experience. For the first time in Folk fest, the Sri Lankan pavilion will show colorful reflection. of traditional dances, music, costumes, popular destinations, and foods authentic to the island, for you to have glimpse of this kind of experience. You are cordially invited to visit the Sri Lankan pavilion and embrace the friendly vibrant environment and people.