South Sudan

Welcome to the South Sudan Pavilion!

The South Sudanese community returns after a 3-year absence. This is our 2nd year and look forward to sharing our rich culture with the community.
The Republic of South Sudan is a country in northeastern Africa.

It gained its independence in 2011, making it the newest country in the world. Although the country is known all over the world because of political instability and war, as it has happened in every country that has gained independence, South Sudan is rich in culture, multi traditional customs, good food, recreation, wildlife, lovely people, and tourism opportunities that the world will come to see as the country returns to normality.

But Saskatoon will not have to wait that long, we welcome the wonderful people of our beautiful city of Saskatoon to South Sudan pavilion. Come, let us take you back to our rich history and show you our vibrant culture, and have fun, eat delicious South Sudanese food, experience our coffee/tea hut, and witness the unique cultural displays, colorful heritage fashion show and diversity, great live music performances, traditional dances, and entertainment that only South Sudan can offer.
So welcome to what contributes to making our beautiful city a pleasant, joyous, unforgettable, loving and compassionate diverse community.
We look forward to welcoming you into our new home at the Sutherland Memorial Hall, 1112 Central Avenue this year.
Thank you for your consideration of support!

Brief About the South Sudanese Community:

South Sudanese Community: Although South Sudan is a new country, the South Sudanese people are not new to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The first South Sudanese immigrant arrived in this beautiful city in early 1990 and followed by many. Many of the South Sudanese living in Saskatoon fled their homes due to the civil war. The war was between the (north) Sudan and South Sudan armed opposition and lasted for over 21 years, from 1983 to 2005. The war left over two and half millions people dead and four million people displaced.
Since 2000, South Sudanese immigrants have been and continue to be active in this city, many of whom have undertaken different initiatives in helping others here and back home, pursuing careers and contributing in a positive way to this beautiful city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Canada in general. The South Sudanese community was born right after the independence of our new nation South Sudan. Our mission is to promote and maintain our cultural heritage, help our new comers settle and make Saskatoon a home, while embracing our new Canadian culture.

South Sudanese Pavilion