President’s Message

Canada 150 Plus!

Photo by Josh Schaefer/

This year represents Saskatoon Folkfest Inc.’s 38th year of celebrating ethnic culture in our beautiful city. The task of showcasing culture within a pavilion is not an easy one, and can only be possible with dedicated volunteers that make it happen. I want to thank all our Past Presidents, fellow directors, Pavilion Managers, Adult, Youth and Honorary Ambassadors, and of course, “Friends of Folkfest”, the businesses and individuals that support this very important festival.
We invite you all, from near and far, to come experience the cuisine, the wonderful performances, the music, and all of the displays that each pavilion has to showcase that leave you with a sense of pride.
We are featuring Place du Canada ~ Canada Place at the Prairieland Grandstand where all pavilions will showcase their top entertainment over the 3-day festival. Bring your children to the Maple Leaf Village where there are many cultural activities including some of our favorite Canadian symbols and an opportunity to hang your Maple Leaf on the tree.
Once again for your convenience, the buses will take you to our offsite pavilions (India, Irish, Norway & German) and around the Prairieland Park in regular intervals!
A big thank you to our sponsors, Friends of Folkfest, board members and staff for all putting their best foot forward to ensure the excitement – informative and festive!
Oh Canada! With glowing hearts, we tip our hats to you. See you in your travels!