Ukrainian Karpaty


Welcome to the UKRAINIAN KARPATY Pavilion – proudly Canadian with Ukrainian roots.

Welcome to the Ukranian Karpathy Pavillion- proudly Canadian with Ukrainian roots.
The inhabitants of western Ukraine, especially of the Karapaty (Carpathian Mountains), have some richest and most unique cultural traditions in all of the country. Come travel through our pavilions and experience Karpathy hospitality! You will be welcomed at the door and ushered into an atmosphere of food, fun and festivity. No doubt, you will want to try tasty meals made from our baba’s recipes. Then, wander through our boutiques and cultural displays. Sit back and enjoy our continuous entertainment from top notch Ukrainian singers, musicians and dance groups.
Finally, work off some of that folkfest food by hitting the dance floor to polka to music of our house band.
All of this, plus the Karpathy hospitality of our volunteers will surely make this pavilion to remember!