South Sudan


Welcome to South Sudanese Pavilion and enjoy part our heritage.

The Republic of South Sudan is a country in northeastern Africa. It gained its independence in 2011, making it the newest country in the world. Although the country is known all over the world for its political instability and violence, there is more to our country than meets the eyes. South Sudan is diverse, vast and culturally rich with over 60 tribes and languages, lovely people, tasteful food, wildlife, and tourism opportunities that the world will come to see as the country flourishes.
We invite you to join us at the South Sudan pavilion to experience the diversity of South Sudan right here at home. Come, let us show you our rich history and our vibrant culture, and have fun, eat delicious South Sudanese food, experience our coffee and snacks hut, factors; Jabana and Shai – traditional coffee and tea, Legemat – South Sudanese Donut and much more, and witness the unique cultural displays, colorful heritage fashion show and diversity, great traditional live music performances, dances, and entertainment that only South Sudan can offer.
Don’t forget to join us Saturday night for our closing NDOMBOLO and some of the greatest South Sudanese dance.
So welcome to what contributes to making our beautiful city a pleasant, joyous, unforgettable, loving and compassionate diverse community.

Photo by Josh Schaefer/