Global Village

Global Village

The Global Village ensures the celebration of culture in Saskatoon and that it is accessible to everyone in the cultural community.

With the support of Sask Culture, Folkfest encourages smaller groups and individuals in the community to become involved in the festival. These Saskatonians, often new arrivals have expressed interest in the festival. We introduce them to others; provide a way to build capacity & learn how to plan their own pavilion in the very near future, or to stay connected through volunteering.

Objectives of the Global Village concept are:

  • To provide inclusion in the cultural community by celebrating cultures of new participants;
  • To provide a global community within the Folkfest celebration for smaller groups & individuals to share ideas, network, garner support, help alleviate segregation, and participate in some capacity with guidance and mentorship;
  • To create a model for groups to come together to showcase their culture to a wide audience;
  • To provide mentorship and capacity building along with ways to support the community and in return, have the community support them.