“Allin hamusqa kapaychik” – “Bienvenidos” – “Welcome” to the Peru Pavilion

Photo by Josh Schaefer/

The Peru pavilion comes back with new and reloaded program. If you want to enjoy the traditional culture of the Incas, you must come to our pavilion. In Peru pavilion, food, music, and dance will be the core element of the exhibition.

Come and enjoy our delicious Pollada (Peruvian chicken barbeque). A roasted chicken marinated with Peruvian spices. Served with boiled potatoes and lettuce salad. Additionally, enjoy the Tamales (Peruvian tamale). A corn-based dough filled with chicken, pork, or vegetables and wrapped with banana leaves.  You must also try the Alfajores (Peruvian cookies). Delicious shortbread cookies with a dulce de leche filling. Finally, enjoy the Suspiro Limeño (Peruvian dessert) AS delicious cream made of milk, sugar, and flour. Served with ground cinnamon.

Entertainment will be provided by the Latin Dance Academy, Felipe Alberto, and Koricancha Andean band. Enjoy the show of Latin Dance Academy which will display traditional dances from Peru and Latin-American. You must not miss the Felipe Alberto’s show who will perform traditional music from de coast and highlands of Peru. Lastly, Koricancha Andean band will take you to an imaginary trip to the andes of Peru and Latin-America with its music.

Before you go, you must take some Peruvian souvenirs that were made for our most talented artisans in Peru. We look forward to your visit!