Welcome to the Pakistan Pavilion!

The Pakistani pavilion invites you to come and share in an authentic engagement where you’ll experience first-hand the richness and depth of all Pakistan has to offer. Among the staples you can expect authentic foods, showcase of diversity in people and demostration of culture heritage.

Pakistan cuisine is a reflection of the country’s varying array of culture and ethnic diversities. The fusion of Mughlai Cuisine is the most popular cuisine found in many Pakistani restaurants. Be transported in time and dine like the Mughals at the Emporer’s Table set in the traditional floor seating arrangement while listening to a variety of Pakistani Folklore.
Or if you are looking for something quick and easy, pick up a tasty treat from an assortment of street food options including chana-chat, Chicken paratha roll, pakora and somosa and to quench that thirst, Lassi.

The Pakistan people are as genuine and sincere as they are varied geographically from the Himalaya Mountains to the coast sea line. With over 60 different languages spoken in the country, represented at the pavilion will be Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto and Sindhi, the 4 major languages of Pakistan.

Live performances of cultural folk dances representing the different geographical regions of the country will be performed by local talent donning traditional clothing.

As well, you’ll have the opportunity to get henna tattoos, a centuries old tradition practised for over 5,000 years in Pakistan. The Mehndi is a celebration for the bride, leading up to the wedding, where her body is adorned with elaborate henna designs.