Photo by Josh Schaefer/

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. With over 5000 years of history, 中国 “Zhong Guo” is home to a total of 56 ethnic groups that unite in peace, integrity and harmony to form a unique culture that defines China. Even after 150 years, the intertwined cultures between China and Canada is present all throughout this nation.

This year, to celebrate Canada’s 150th year anniversary, the Chinese Pavilion will give you an experience of all the facets of China. There are many things that you can do. Bring a camera as you try on traditional Chinese costumes before majestic landscapes and sceneries of China’s diverse geography. Head to the Ping Pong table and boldly challenge one of our skillful youngsters. Have your knowledge of Chinese culture challenged in our culture interactive quarter. You will not want to miss our entertaining program, where performers of all ages will give you a taste of Martial Arts, Lion & Dragon Dances, Chinese dances, the traditional Chinese fashion show and Chinese instruments. As you explore the pavilion, be sure to have your name written in Chinese characters on a fan or ribbon and stop by our market place to take home colorful and intricate souvenirs.

While you are in the pavilion, don’t forget to sample our delicious Chinese delicacies; the scrumptious dumplings from the north, the wonton soup of the south, and a variety of dishes from different regions of China. This is the chance to show off your chopsticks skills!
Many new adventures await you this year. Come and join the fusion of Canadian and Chinese culture as we celebrate together for Canada’s 150th birthday! We look forward to seeing you at the Chinese Pavilion!