Central America & Mexico

Bienvenidos Amigos to the Central America & Mexico Pavilion!

The Central America and Mexico Pavilion also known as Mesoamerica or Middle America would like to welcome you to its Sixth year with the Folkfest family.

We invite you to try our delicious food items freshly made on-site such as Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, Tamales and Panes con Pavo which is this years new featured item.
Don’t forget to visit our “Cantina” where you will find a variety of exported drinks and cocktails.

Enjoy our live dance shows which features traditional and modern Latin Dances performed by Grupo Maya and guests.
Join us and we assure you another amazing episode of your summer. Stay with us a while and visit our “Mercadito” where you may find the ideal gift for that special occasion.
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