Welcome to the Hungarian Pavilion!

(Air-conditioned Venue)

Join us for an unforgettable experience of music, dance, food and wine!

Enjoy a taste of traditional Hungarian cuisine, including our famous Kolbász (Hungarian sausage) and Lángos (elephant ears) while you are entertained by a variety of our spectacular dances and energetic music. Sample our unique wines and spirits and learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Hungarian people. Let us take you back in history to be immersed in living tradition.

“It is impossible to inherit a culture. The culture of ancestors
disappears easily if the new generations do not acquire it again and again.”
Zoltán Kodály, 1882-1967
Hungarian music educator and composer


Our Village is Your Village

“Szeretettel Várunk!”



Our Theme :
Our Village is Your Village

This is a special anniversary year for our culture and something our culture is particularly noted for.

Folk village culture is diverse and strong, leading to centuries of tradition. Dance is one of the most significant parts of culture and Hungarian dance is one of the richest in the world. Centuries of seclusion from western ballroom-dance influence and the uniqueness of the Hungarian language allowed traditional Hungarian music and dance to thrive in villages well into the 20th century when recording technology was already available. Century-old traditions were recorded by ethnomusicologists such as Bartok and Kodály and were made available to all of us to preserve, acquire, enjoy and interpret. Canadian-Hungarians, even after generations of separation from the main country, keep cultural traditions alive by passing them to our children and youth.


Entertainment Schedule

Programs start every 30 minutes past the hour. Last show will be at 10:30 pm
  Thursday, Aug. 13 Friday, Aug. 14 Saturday, Aug. 15
03:00:00     Pavilion doors open
03:30:00 Program A
04:30:00 Program B
05:00:00 Pavilion doors open  
05:30:00 Program A Program A Program A
06:30:00 Program B Program B Program B
07:30:00 Program A Program A Program A
08:30:00 Program B Program B Program B
09:30:00 Program A Program A Program A
10:30:00 Program B Program B Program B


Program A and Program B will contain a combination of the following dances:

Pacsirta children’s group Dances from Somogy
Pacsirta adult Bottle dance of Kalocsa
Pacsirta adult Pillow dance of Kalocsa
Pacsirta youth Dances from Ordongosfuzes
Pacsirta youth Dances from Del-Alfold
Maros interprovincial Dances from Kalotaszeg
Maros interprovincial Dances from Borzas
Maros interprovincial Dances from Mezofele
Maros interprovincial Dances from Elek
Maros interprovincial Dances from Mezoszopor
Dance house


Live music for dancers provided by: Cifra Hungarian Folk Music Ensemble of Edmonton