BRAZIL                                          BRASIL                                          BRESIL

Photo by Josh Schaefer/


Hello Saskatoon! The 10th Brazilian Pavilion or BP10 is very proud to be celebrating this super special year with Canada through Saskatoon Folkfest. This year especially, Canadians from all across this culturally diverse & sovereign nation will be coming together to wish Canada a most joyous 150th Anniversary.  As a symbol of harmony & friendship, we are happy to be locating BP10 at the Grandstand along with other cultural groups, proudly sharing this space and stage. Canada’s 150th Anniversary is historical, so we will be showcasing Brazil’s Cultural diversity throughout our Pavilion. New to our Pavilion is our Sao Joao (Saint John the Baptist) & our Carnaval Corner with face painting, balloons, hula-hoops, & a fun dance demo and much more. Also, please come check out our informative educational displays as well as our many friendly vendors’ souvenirs & gift tables. Our main goal this year is to celebrate Canada 150 with you.

Now, imagine another nation of nearly 200 million souls, fifth largest on Earth, created from a rich mosaic of cultures such as in Canada. With Tropical Rainforests, Wetlands & Highlands & the Atlantic Ocean’s longest coastline of fun filled beaches. Graced with unique & diverse flora & fauna, scenic hills & valleys & cascading waterfalls. Now, add world famous festivities & lively entertainment such as Brazilian Carnaval along with tasty culinary treats, where warm playful hospitality is legendary… & you have South America’s largest nation BRASIL. Bem Vindos ao BRASIL – Welcome to BRAZIL – Bienvenue a BRESIL. Home of the largest Portuguese speaking & Latin American country on Earth! Queridos Amigos! Dear Friends! Come celebrate Brazil’s creative customs & traditional, as well as folkloric & contemporary performing arts through CARNAVAL. Experience our cultural splendour & many influences which make us Latin-Brazilian with our unique, warm, & inviting First Nations Indigenous, African, & multi-ethnic roots. Be thrilled with our Dances and music and visual presentations,  showcasing Brazilian Carnaval’s heartbeat – Samba “Folia”, as well as Frevo, Axe, Samba-Reggae, the exotic Amazonian Parintins dance, the rhythmic pulse of Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts and Dance – Capoeira, Maculele, Afoxe as well as contemporary styles , proudly featuring World Dance Academy of Saskatoon, Samba Saskatoon, Estrela’s Do Samba & Rhythm Agogo.

Ate Mais!  Until then! See you soon!