Photo by Josh Schaefer/

Photo by Josh Schaefer/

MABUHAY! Welcome to the Philippines Pavilion!

Welcome to the PHILIPPINES!

From a country of many regions and ethnic tribes, speaking more than 87 dialects, the Filipinos (or Pinoys) of Saskatoon who came from the 7,107 islands of the Philippines are united celebrating “Pinoy Fiesta”!

Our Kumintang Folk Ensemble will present a repertoire of folk dances from the rugged mountains of Cordillera, the plains of Luzon, the islands of Visayas, and the abundant countrysides of Mindanao. The group will showcase the nation’s rich history and unique heritage through their costumes, music, and ethnic instruments.

The pavilion’s special culinary offerings include BBQ lean meat, adobo (marinated meat), pansit (noodles), lumpia (egg noodles), fried rice, and various merienda (snacks) that reflect the delicious blend of tastes brought to the Philippines by its colonizers.

“Fiesta”, a word that originated from Spain, means feast or festival. Celebrate the music, the colours, the sights, and the tastes that are uniquely Filipino! Enjoy the warmth of the famous Filipino hospitality at the “Pinoy Fiesta”!

Tuloy po kayo! (Come and visit us!)