Shlama ilokhen, peace be with you!

Photo by Josh Schaefer/

Photo by Josh Schaefer/

P’shena telokhen, welcome! The Mesopotamia pavilion is back again showcasing the contemporary culture of the indigenous people of of the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian empires, now modern day Iraq and surrounding border regions.

This year’s pavilion will be fully serviced with both indoor and outdoor components to maximize an authentic experience!

Music will be a mixture of both live bands and DJs, incorporating the exotic sounds of the middle eastern flute and drums. There will be plenty of opportunities to join our circle dances and shake your hips to the free-style belly dance tunes.

Our menu has options for those of all diet types, including our famous vegan dolma, fresh tabouli salad, hardy donair wraps, and rice dishes for those wanting to carb up.

A long night of folkfesting can be exhausting. Why not relax in our shisha lounge and share a herbal water pipe amongst your group, one of the Middle East’s favourite type of social gathering?

We also have a bazaar where you can purchase goods, and a kids area with various activists and a bouncy castle.

We hope to see you at this year’s Mesopotamia pavilion, we’ll be here rain or shine!