“OPA!!!” Welcome to the GREEK Pavilion

Photo by Josh Schaefer/

Photo by Josh Schaefer/

“I am not an Athenican or a Greek. I am a citizen of the world!” – Socrates

Welcome to GREECE! Savour the delights of our pavilion to the fulestl! Beneath the ruined temple of the Olympia gods, our travelers will begin a journey, which will immerse them in the Greek experience.

Our lively tavern with its original aromas and flavours of Greece, have made
the Greek pavilion a favourite and the gods of Mount Olympus envious.
The playful mythological creatures will amuse you as you enjoy the Greek
“Kouzina”!    Enjoy the production by Aristophanes’ comedy – VATRAHOS (Frogs)!

Thursday:  6:30 and 7:30 p.m.

Friday and Saturday:  6;30′ 7:30; 8:30; and 9:15 p.m.

Stomp some grapes; enjoy a tradition that Dionysos inspired. Visit our AGORA & take home some delicious Greek olive oil. Greek honey available as a souvenir.

New flavours at the coffee bar await you. Lamb will be served on Saturday.


~ gluten free / vegan items available

You will absorb the authentic sounds of Greece by performances of various local dance troupes. Come! Dance! Laugh with Aristophanes! Our Greek band will energize you! Immerse yourself in the YLENDI of the land whose people are conscious of its eternity.

Transcend time with a glass of the Nectar of the Gods and absorb the ancient song of the land, the ancient harp and the bouzouki. Breathless scenery and an incredible pageant of culture and history await our travelers.

Relax and experience the love, hospitality and passion of the people. Follow the old man who extends his hand in mild greeting without hesitation – he is Zeus, the god of hospitality. Your
experience will have you saying, “It’s all Greek to me” for a long time. OPA!!

Engage in a variety of new activities and view our numerous displays to experience the true essence of Greece:

Performances by Greek Dancers from Saskatoon and Regina!

Displays from the U of S Museum of Antiquities

Photos ops with ancient Greeks

Friday & Saturday Live Local Greek Band

Balloon Man in the Kids Area  on Friday ~ 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Grape Stomping

Gerian Henna

Dance Egypt

The Greek Community of Saskatoon would like to thank all of our sponsors that contributed to the success of the Greek Pavilion.

A special thank you would like to be extended to Northridge Developments, Saskatoon Ramada Hotel, Pratt Food Services, Mr. Randy Penner and Mr. Bernie Sprung for their tremendous support they have extended to the Greek Pavilion.

We would also like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the members of the Husky Wrestling Team, Child and Youth Friendly Saskatoon and all the individuals that

came out and extended a helping hand in all areas of our pavilion, to allow for a successful Folkfest 2015 in the Greek Pavilion.

All our sponsors, all our volunteers and patrons play an integral role in the ultimate success of the Greek Pavilion.  THANK YOU – EFHARISTO!!!

ZEUS sponsor:

  • Northridge Developments
  • Saskatoon Inn
  • Pratt Food Services
  • The Cave Restaurants
  • Granada House Restaurant
  • Mano’s Restaurant
  • Salonika Restaurant
  • Station Place Restaurant
  • Taverna Italian Restaurant
  • Venice House Traditional Grill
  • The Olive Tree Restaurant
  • Bernie Sprung
  • Randy Penner

HERA Sponsor:

  • Mike’s Good Used Appliances
  • Bacardi Canada
  • Golf’s Car Wash
  • Maxium
  • PMA Distributors
  • Wett Distributors