Asia Pacific


The Asia Pacific Pavilion started in 1992 consists of the Heritage Chinese Language School and the Japanese Language School.

Both schools depended on Folkfest as a source of fundraising for the operation of the schools.

Kendo Club together with the Japanese Association came in to support the school at that year and since then, Heritage Chinese Language School and Kendo Japanese Club has become the backbone of Asia Pacific Pavilion in a joint effort manner.

After running three years in a row, we had changed to hosting the event once every two years. This way, we can give our volunteers a much needed break. Even though Folkfest only runs three days of the year, a lot of effort is put into planning and organizing throughout the year. We would like to use this chance to thank everyone that had been involved in this event. Both schools mostly run on volunteers and we share the same goal: promoting and sharing both cultures. We are fortunate to provide our students a chance to share our cultural backgrounds with other people in the community. It gives them a sense of pride.

Over the years, the traditional tea ceremony and flower arrangements, bubble tea, lion dance, kendo, and in recent years with the Living Sky Taiko Group joining the performance line up. It has been very exciting for our group. This year, we also have a group of yo-yo performers coming from Taiwan once again. This is also an excellent opportunity for our own yo-yo students to learn from the more experienced performers which will also benefit our community in return when our students attend various functions to perform.

Asia Pacific Pavilion

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